Don’t Underestimate What The Gospel Is

To say the Gospel is simple, is true in one sense, but to say it is the most complex, out of this world, most glorious thing in the universe, is true in every sense. And everyone needs to know this. How big is the Gospel? It’s bigger than “Jesus loves you” and “Jesus died forContinue reading “Don’t Underestimate What The Gospel Is”

The Most Happy Heart

My wife and I both try to pray with our kids each night before they sleep. It’s something we’ve done since they were born. It’s a comfort to them, and in truth, they have trouble falling asleep until we do. One evening, a few months back, I prayed this with my oldest daughter. “Thank you,Continue reading “The Most Happy Heart”

How To Change The World

Is there help for this world anymore? Have we gone too deep, too far into darkness? Are people just too evil to change? From the richest to the poorest there is a deep rooted corruption in man’s heart, and many of these have been given over to their “debased mind.” But who has ever changedContinue reading “How To Change The World”

Gospel Boldness

    Gospel boldness is about unashamedly believing in the power of God to do the saving work. Obligation? That’s for every believer. Boldness? It’s not easy, but it is possible through Christ, and necessary. Be in every way enthralled with your indebtedness to Christ, for because of Him, and only because of Him haveContinue reading “Gospel Boldness”