The Joy of Giving Like Jesus

Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Withholding what you are willing to give for the cause of Christ, whether it’s supporting missions, giving to the poor or tithing to your local Church is one way to know where your treasure lies. Think about the last time you receivedContinue reading “The Joy of Giving Like Jesus”

He Told us to Love Him With Everything

The Bible is a book of God’s redemptive plan for a fallen people, but it is also a book of commands, decrees, laws, and rules. All of these from a perfect and holy God. But who is able to keep them? Thankfully, Jesus narrowed them down to only one, with a second that is likeContinue reading “He Told us to Love Him With Everything”

A Particular Kind of Trust (A sermon)

An important message I shared yesterday at the Crossville Mission Bible Training Center. This familiar text holds such wisdom, instruction, and truth for us today. If you do decide listen, I pray it helps you to see the trustworthiness of God above all else in this life.…/cccrossville/podcasts/27692/Prove…

He Will Not Despise Brokenness

Go to church. Sit in the pews. Sing some great songs. Listen to the preacher. Give a nod and an “Amen!”. Shake a few hands. Book a table for lunch. Go home.  Do it all again next week. What could be missing? It’s hard to spot, and easy to forget. It’s so important that ifContinue reading “He Will Not Despise Brokenness”

Do Not Fall for it!

You will be tempted to spend your energy and efforts on maintaining the affections of mankind. Shall we serve mankind? Yes. We are commanded so. Shall we serve with an aim to please every single one? impossible, UN-called-for, and above all…. not scriptural. Galatians 1:10 “For am I now seeking the approval of man, orContinue reading “Do Not Fall for it!”