Kinda Like Spit in The Eye

Have you ever asked God to take you from misery to light; from pain to healing and then after some time everything looks a little gray to you? A little blurry and painful still? We know God heals. We’ve heard the stories. We have looked into the pages of the Bible and by faith haveContinue reading “Kinda Like Spit in The Eye”

Minute by Minute Surrender

No matter how close you’ve walked with God in the past, the mind is always susceptible to deceit from the enemy and wandering in the flesh. You must cling daily, not to the idea of God, or the wishful thinking of where you want to be, but to the current reality of God’s proven goodnessContinue reading “Minute by Minute Surrender”

Noah and His Ark Foreshadowed Christ and His Cross

Here are a few ways that Noah, and the story of the Ark typifies Jesus, and His work on the cross. His name meant rest. While the world approached judgment, Noah rested in the Word of God. While the world drowned in their sin and rebellion, Noah and his family rested in the safety ofContinue reading “Noah and His Ark Foreshadowed Christ and His Cross”

How To Change The World

Is there help for this world anymore? Have we gone too deep, too far into darkness? Are people just too evil to change? From the richest to the poorest there is a deep rooted corruption in man’s heart, and many of these have been given over to their “debased mind.” But who has ever changedContinue reading “How To Change The World”

Life Without Jesus Is No Life at All

No peace in the perilous times. Hardships like endless daggers. No relief. Grief adding to the grief that exists in every man from birth; the sinful human nature. No assurance. No true love. No eternal hope. This is Life without Jesus. You’ve heard it said “No Jesus, no peace.” Well it’s true. Jesus is lightContinue reading “Life Without Jesus Is No Life at All”

7 Ways to Say “Jesus Loves You”

Jesus loves you with all of His heart! The life of God’s only Son was poured out in loving you! No love is stronger and deeper than the love which Christ displayed on the cross. Out of His own desire he chooses to love even the most unlovable! No sin is so great that God’sContinue reading “7 Ways to Say “Jesus Loves You””