The Price of Freedom

The loss        The heartache                The suffering                         The pain The joy         The camaraderie                    The victory                         The gain The price of freedom is great! The blood of U.S. soldiers spilled upon the hills of battle across the globe is a memory we must take up with honor.  I am grateful forContinue reading “The Price of Freedom”

He Will Not Despise Brokenness

Go to church. Sit in the pews. Sing some great songs. Listen to the preacher. Give a nod and an “Amen!”. Shake a few hands. Book a table for lunch. Go home.  Do it all again next week. What could be missing? It’s hard to spot, and easy to forget. It’s so important that ifContinue reading “He Will Not Despise Brokenness”

7 Ways to Say “Jesus Loves You”

Jesus loves you with all of His heart! The life of God’s only Son was poured out in loving you! No love is stronger and deeper than the love which Christ displayed on the cross. Out of His own desire he chooses to love even the most unlovable! No sin is so great that God’sContinue reading “7 Ways to Say “Jesus Loves You””